Second Shooting - Twist & Shutter

What to wear

Please wear black or navy. Dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, blouses and dress pants are all great options. Remember to be clean, neat & professional. Comfortable shoes are important. We’re on our feet all day!

general shooting TiPS

Please get a variety of vertical and horizontal images. I prefer natural light, so look out for lamps and lights that might be on, and turn those off before shooting. Try to get a mix of close-ups and full body images when possible, and try various angles. When shooting bridal party or guests, be on the lookout for things in pockets (PHONES), sunglasses (either wearing or on their heads), and hair elastics on wrists. Candid over posed always! Don’t be afraid to get weird.

Getting Ready - Groomsmen

General shots to look for:

Groom getting dressed. Wait until he’s mostly ready, and capture the final touches - tie, jacket, shoes, cufflinks, watch. Try to take some close-up detail shots as well as full body and pulled back shots.

The groom hanging out with his groomsmen & family. A few formal shots with everyone looking are great, but focus more on the casual in-between moments. Ask the guys to cheers, or just step back and look for little moments.

Wedding-related details. If you get a chance, grab a few photos of shoes/tie/ring/any details the groom might have with him. Look for other items to add that showcase his personality too!



Keep yourself positioned on the opposite side of where I am. I will generally shoot the bride’s reactions, so I’ll start on the groom’s side. If I’m up close, move back for a wide shot.

Don’t be afraid to crouch in front of a guest for a few moments or shoot from the front. Keep finding new angles to shoot from - there’s usually a lot of time for variety.

Try to get parent and guest reactions if you see any sweet moments!

Shoot the kiss with me! It’s nice to have a solid back-up of this moment.


detail shots

While I’m doing family photos, I may have you capture reception detail shots. I’m looking for lots of close-ups of flowers, table settings, interesting details. Basically, if the couple spent money on it, let’s get a bunch of great photos! Pull backs of the entire space are great too.


extra notes

Please shoot on 32gb or 64gb SD cards. I’ll take your cards at the end of the night, and get them back to you ASAP (either in the mail the next day, or returned in person the following week.) Let me know if you need them sooner, and I can upload them to my laptop the night of the wedding before you go.

Once I’ve sent the couple their final gallery, you’re welcome to share your images from the wedding day on social media and in your portfolio. Please note in your post that you were shooting with/for Twist & Shutter, and tag me on instagram (@twistandshutter).

If we’re shooting through dinner, you will have a vendor meal included. Please let me know if you have any allergies or food preferences in advance of the wedding!

If you have any questions at all, just give me a shout anytime. I’m excited to work with you!!