Twist & Shutter
Twist & Shutter
Family, Lifestyle & Wedding Photographer | North Vancouver, BC

I'm Cassandra, the photographer behind Twist & Shutter.

In Greek mythology, Cassandra told the truth but was never believed. (I had a history teacher that would exclaim "I don't believe you!" every time I'd say 'here' during attendance. Every. Time.) I'm going to ask that you believe me when I say you need authentic photos of your life. You, your family, your loves. Your wedding day will go by in a blink, and all you'll have are your amazing memories and your photographs. Your family will keep growing and changing, and those little moments you're sure you'll remember always, will start to fade. Tiny baby toes suddenly need soccer cleats, and then they're bigger than your own feet - and it all happens so fast.

I live and capture life in an autumn state of mind. Foggy fall mornings and big hardcover books make me happy. Mugs that hold at least two cups of coffee are a must. I love the way candlelight dances around my living room. Dried flowers and greenery steal my heart far more than grocery store bouquets. Glowing golden sunsets will forever make me pull over and hunt for my camera. Autumn is for cuddling up with the ones you love, and slowing time down to enjoy each other's company. I want my photos to slow down time as well - to bring you back to the moments with your family that are so fleeting. I've spent hours poring over my grandparent's photos albums and wondering what their lives were like when they were young.  I hope that your memories will be printed so future generations can flip through them and have a window into your life, even if it feels hectic and overwhelming at times. Time keeps moving forward and all we can do is slow down and soak in the moments. I think we can find a little autumn in every season, and I'd love to be there to capture you as you genuinely are, in this moment.

Believe me.


BC Photographers & Entrepreneurs

I strongly believe in community over competition, and BC is incredible in the diversity of talent in the photography industry. I have made life-long friends through this network and I'm so grateful for the late night editing sessions and supportive messages on the more challenging days of being a small business owner. If you're a photographer new to the area or new to the business - please reach out. I'll try to be available, whether it's over a coffee, a beer, or just a quick online pep talk. I've also been lucky to photograph some incredible BC based brands like Locomotive Clothing's youth collection and Novel Supply Co. If you're a local brand looking to build some authentic imagery, I would love to collaborate and help tell your story.